Plan Your Home Office Storage Space

The advice here is: “Put in as much home office storage space as you can”. You can make your home office as sophisticated or as simple as you like. Whether your storage space is home-made or the best that money can buy, however much you have you will always fill it!

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a whole room, or just part of one – put in as much home office storage space as you can. There, we’ve said it again. Got the message?

Even if what you call your home office is a corner of your kitchen, you’ll always want to store invoices, notes, writing implements, and other odds and ends. If space is very limited, it’s worthwhile getting a simple A-Z ‘fan’ folder. It only takes a week or two for papers to pile up, and having even a simple storage solution to hand will allow you to be organized.

First Priority

One of the most useful storage solutions in any office is some form of a filing system. This will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by a deluge of papers, stationery, or unanswered mail. A simple and effective filing system will save you many hours of searching mountains of paper.

One or more filing cabinets are almost a necessity for your storage space. They come in all sizes, from a simple one or two drawer cabinet to multiple drawers. Some can be fitted underneath a desk unit, while others are free-standing. You can get them as office units made of metal, or if you want something to blend in with other furniture you can buy them in attractive wood finishes.

office storage

Are you one of the lucky ones with a separate room you can use for your home office? If so, one of the best methods for your home office storage is wall units. They can be either free-standing or built-in units as illustrated here. Although this photo illustrates a high-end product, you can buy less expensive fitted units which will do an equally good job.

Having glass-fronted units is an attractive option because they keep the room looking more open and attractive. Solid units tend to look formal and austere. These units have the bottom section with solid wood doors while the upper sections have a glass.


Whatever your situation, shelving is always a useful addition to your office storage. And this is where you can make savings because shelves are the simplest of all storage systems to install.

Shelving can be either complete units like a bookcase, or separate shelves attached to metal tracks fixed to the wall. In both cases, you can adjust the shelves at different heights.

If you can’t (or won’t!) make your own shelves, you can buy all different types – fixed bookcase types, adjustable, open, closed, wood, glass – the choice is yours.

Freestanding floor units are a very effective option for your storage needs. Glass fronts are useful in that you can see immediately where certain files and folders are kept. The wood fronted doors keep everything else hidden from view – nice and tidy!

If you’re keeping to a strict budget and want to keep costs to a minimum, you can often buy these sorts of units as ‘flat-packs’ and assemble them yourself.

Desk Storage

If your office is big enough you may want to put it on a good-sized desk. And one of the advantages of a big desk is that it will probably have a number of drawers.

You’d be surprised at the amount of storage space you can get in a desk. You can even get them with integral filing cabinets built-in.

Wall Units

One way to maximize storage space is to have built-in wall units. These can be built in to go from floor to ceiling. This gives you far more space than just a set of shelves. They also come with attractive display sections if you want to get away from an ‘office’ look.