Home Office Decorating Ideas

The home office decorating ideas you’ll find here will help you make your office practical and comfortable. There are a number of important features you need to get right. When you do, you’ll be able to make the best use of the space available and have a home office that provides for all your office needs.


Not the first thing you’d think of, perhaps. But lighting is high on the list of home office decorating ideas.

You can have natural daylight or artificial light. Artificial light is divided into task lighting, background lighting, and decorative lighting.

Decide at the start what sort of lighting you need. You’ll need good task lighting for where you work at your desk or computer. Decorative lighting isn’t often considered for offices, but lighting up a few pictures, ornaments, or works of art will help to make your room a place where you’ll enjoy working and spending time.


There’s a rule about offices – no matter how much storage space you have, you’ll fill it. So make this a priority.

Install shelves. It doesn’t matter if you use bookcases or wall units, put in as much as you can. Filing cabinets are still essential, even in our electronic age. And if you have valuable documents, for peace of mind install a safe.

You can visit this home office storage guide for more information.

Use One Wall for Storage and Equipment

One of the best home office decorating ideas is to use one wall for storage, and perhaps for your office equipment as well. That leaves the rest of the room free for chairs, desks, and so on.

Plan for Your Electrical Equipment

The modern office uses a host of electrical equipment, so it’s a good idea to sort out what you’ll be using. All of these items need electric power, so you can plan ahead to make sure they can be connected in an unobtrusive way. There’s nothing worse than cables running all over the place – apart from anything else, it’s not good from a safety point of view.


Many different styles of desks are available for your home office. One of the best ways to find the most suitable ones is by browsing design magazines and catalogues. Many online stores have a large selection of desks, and delivery is usually very quick.


It’s your office, so you can have anything you like! One good choice is to have striped wallpaper, which gives a distinguished look to the room. Because you’ll have – or will install – good lighting, you can use a darker shade of color than normal. Greens or reds can provide a great background.

Window treatments can be as simple or complex as you like. Shutters or shades are very acceptable, or full-blown drapes and top treatments if you want a sumptuous appearance.

Personalize Your Office to Suit Your Needs

No list of home office decorating ideas would be complete without this one, and it’s one which is often overlooked.

Your work is different from others. You may have clients who visit you in your home office and expect a certain level of sophistication. So you’ll need to make it a relaxing place. Comfortable sofa, coffee table. Pleasant furnishings. That sort of thing.

A complete furniture set will give you the ultimate home office.

Or you may have lots of plan and drawings which need specialist storage space. You may need to show presentations, so you’ll need a screen on which to project them. Or a large screen TV.

So before you go ahead and buy all sorts of stuff, make a list of what you need in the way of furniture items and accessories. Then make a list of how your office should function for you, and for other people if necessary.