Ambergris is an ongoing "band" that has adapted and mutated over time. A dedication to narrative through song and persona, and highly theatrical performances have defined the project. Ambergris began in 2001 or so with subway and open mic performances. The first real show was at Southfirst Gallery in 2003, with a slideshow presentation accompanying a large number of songs. Distorted baritone ukelele or accordion were the main instruments of early Ambergris shows. Ambergris played at the Hammer Museum in 2006 and Issue Project Room in 2007. A number of Karaoke-style performances with scrolls and masks followed. In 2008 the band performed the "Wormholes" play at the Fumetto Festival for the "Anti Matter Alma Mater" installation. the soundtrack was later released as a cassette and then an LP on Feeding Tube. Hiroshi Kimura and Rebecca Bird performed with Ambergris until about 2009. Solo Karaoke performances followed with Ambergris fronted by "Tuxedo Laughing Gas". Gabe Fowler performed on drums with Ambergris at various times as it veered in a musical "Flipper vs. Gilbert & Sullivan" direction. Around 2011 Ambergris became preoccupied with creating songs in aggressive syncopation to accompany Player Piano music. Ambergris performed alongside Brian Belott starting in 2010 eventually fusing into the performance art group "Court Stenographer and Young Sherlock Holmes Jr." After several U.S. tours with Cave Bears in this "Anti-Matter Cabaret" style, Ambergris returned to performing live keyboard music. A version of the band with French percussionist Victor Mellini toured with Ric Royer's Coincidental Hour in late 2013. Ambergris as we know it has temporarily halted performing as its energy is converted into the puppet show Mrs William Horsley and an as yet nameless "big band" project. -Matthew Thurber, February 2015