AMBERGRIS performance timeline in blistering detail!

March? Petrella's Imports-human puppet show(With Brian Belott)

July? Scroll performance in Beacon NY

April? Kat Toledo's comedy club


Dec. 17- Karma Books (with Brian Belott)

Dec. 5- Philadelphia, The Vat

Nov. 9- Tomato House with Bernard Herman, Coincidental Hour

Nov. 8- Baltimore, the Crown. Olivia Sea Turtle, Dan Breen, Coincidental Hour

Nov. 6- Chicago, Meat People Haus. Forced into Femininity, Positive Shadow, C. Hour

Nov. 5- Weird Things, Toronto with C.Hour

Nov. 4- Buffalo, NY. Milkies with Neil Louis Coletta and C.Hour

Nov. 3- Providence, 95 Empire. w/ Sarah Reiter and C. Hour

Nov. 2- Boston- Deep Thoughts JP with Simon Says Smut and C. Hour

June 1- Silent Barn with Martin and Lawrence, The Canadian Romantic

February 14- Greenwich House Music School (with Brian Belott)

January 19- Bohemian Grove- Brooklyn. Weirdwick Twu


December 1- Northampton, MA. King Street Manor with Son of Salami, Cave Bears, Frank Hurricane

November 30- Boston, MA. Smokey Bear Cave. With Son of Salami, Cave Bears, Combman, Frank Hurricane

November 29- Providence, RI with Son of Salami, Cave Bears

November 28- Brattleboro, VT with Son of Salami, Cave Bears (Light Gear Tour II)

October 19- Portland, OR, Mike's Basement with The Tenses, Le Dernier Cri

July 24- St. Marks Bookstore, with George Di Moura

July 10- Littlefield, Brooklyn. Crimestoppers Club. With Adam Warrock, M. Kupperman, J. Wertz.

June 27- Uncanny Valley with Meaner Pencil

June 26- Lolita Bar, NYC

May 4- Cat Show, Tomato House. Court Stenog/Young Sherlock

April 21- Boston, Mass. Raw Meet 5.

April 20-Portland, Maine. Light Gear Tour

April 19-Greenfield, Mass. With Cave Bears, Tracey Trance, Son of Salami (Light Gear Tour)

April 18- Providence, R.I. 95 Empire. with Ric Royer, Lance Romance, Chris Wieder F-You Providence

March 12- Dixon Place Little Theater

March 11- Kansas Gallery, Court Stenographer/ Young Sherlock. Melissa Brown art show

February 25-Bohemian Grove with Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, Dreebs

February 19- Cakeshop with Amil Byleckie Band

February 18- Southfirst Gallery with Gay Shapes

February 17- Uncanny Valley with Nick Demopoulos

February 13-Stenographer/Holmes at Otto's Shrunken Head with Angela DeCarlo and Escape from Society

January 9- TM Davy's party as Court Stenographer/ Young Sherlock Holmes


November 20, Tomato House, Court Stenographer/ Young Sherlock Holmes, with JC Rhody and Patrick Elkins

October 7, Desert Island, 1-800-MICE release party: The Summoning of Groomfiend.

October 2, Escapist Books, Berkeley CA

August 13th Northampton, MA, Feeding Tube Records 90 King Street with Crank Sturgeon, Unicorns in the Snow, Solace Media Corporation

August 12th Ithaca, NY, Jarek Miller's house. With Michael Troutman

August 11th Buffalo, NY, Sugar City . Punky Dogs.

August 10: Bela Dubby, Lakewood, OH w/ Gay Shapes.

August 9, Dreamland Theater, Ypsilanti, Michigan with Poetry Problems Express

August 8th Chicago, IL, Treasure Town with Moonrises

August 7th Columbus, OH, Skylab. Gay Shapes.

August 5th Baltimore, MD, Tarantuala Hill

August 4th Philadelphia, PA, Marvelous! Music with Cave Bears, Mirror Men

August 3rd New York, NY, practice space show with Cave Bears, Opponents, Hex Breaker Quartet (All shows Aug 3-13 with Cave Bears)

July 22, Club Nutz at Salon 94, NYC.

June 26, Puffers Fest, Providence. With Tony Conrad, Black Pus, Daily Life, Rotten Apples, Time Ghost, Amil Byleckie Band, Buck Gooter, Peter Glantz+ Imaginary Company, etc.....

June 11, Rubulad, St. Cecilia's Church- duo with Brian Belott

May 3, Port d' Or, Brooklyn with Cave Bears, Id M Theft Able, Self Avoiding Walk- Belott and Billy Grant- Billy brought the house down literally.

April 28, The Elevens, Northampton Mass with Cave Bears, Dan Cashman/ Shea Mowat, Jackie Wang

Feb. 19, Canada Gallery, with Brian Belott- closing of Joe Bradley "Human Form" show

Jan. 5 and 8, Sara Meltzer Gallery, duo with Brian Belott- first performance of player piano songs



Dec. 13, Wild Project, NY. Comixblender with Ben Katchor, Juliacks, Dinosaurxia

July 28 Turners Falls, Mass. Phantom Brain Exchange with Lo-res Peppers, Maria Danielson, DJ Big Banks

July 21, Silent Barn with Amil Byleckie Band

July 2, Death By Audio with Red Dawn II, Alien Whale, DubknowDub, Fuckton

April 16, Rubulad, Brooklyn

March 10, Silent Barn with Total Slacker, Prince Rama, Quiet Hooves, Bubbly Mommy Gun

Feb. 20, "Impossible Geometries" at Light Industry, Livingston st, Brooklyn

Feb. 13, Fixers Collective benefit (Tuxedo Laughing Gas Solo) with Too Big to Fail

Feb. 3, Coco 66 with Taboo, Swamp Tease, Ancestral Diet



Dec. 16, Trash Bar with The Drunkard's Wife

Dec. 12, Dubious Liftings Festival, Grey Matter Books, Hadley Mass. With Prince Rama, Flaming Dragons, Visitations

Dec. 5, Death By Audio- Brooklyn comics fest afterparty with Mark Lord, Sam Gas Can, DubKnowDubb, Boogie Boarder, etc. First live show with Gabe Fowler

Oct. 17, Silent Barn with Witch Hat, Popped Blimp

Oct. 9, Cakeshop with GDFX, Victor Cayro was supposed to play as Leslie Cheung Orchestra

Sep. 25, Waste Not Want Not, Providence, with Annex Theater's "Beowulf"

Sep. 11, Desert Island bookstore, 1-800-MICE release party

Sep. 9, Open Space Gallery, Baltimore, Lab Door/Ozone Shelf group show, with Ghost Life

July 3, Upset The Rhythm showcase at Monster Island basement with Silk Flowers, John Maus, Wet Hair, Future Islands, Lucky Dragons...

May 25, Union Pool with Boogie Boarder, Uninhabitable Mansions- benefit for Smoke Signal. Screening of "Myopic adventure with 4". Grecian Urns guest appearance.

April 16, Comfort Dome, Baltimore, with Edie Fake, Ra Khuit Noor

March 15, Family Bookstore, Los Angeles

March 8, Scroll Bowl, Stain Bar, Brooklyn



Dec. 13, Market Hotel with Lucky Dragons, Silk Flowers, Javelin

Dec. 8, Knitting Factory- Nick Diamonds-o rganized event

Nov. 30, KGB Bar, scroll performance

Nov. 24, Alpha Beta, Greenpoint, with Daily Life, Russian Tsarlag, Bobo, Oblaka

Oct. 31, Halloween at Rubulad

Oct. 3, Atomic Books, SPX party with Witch Hat, Sam Gas Can, Hitty Titty

Aug. 19, Death By Audio, with Cave Bears, Fertile Crescent, Zebu, Sisters

July, Southfirst Gallery- 4 Sunday performances of "Anti Matter Alma Mater" in installation of same

July 13, parking garage, Pittsburgh, afterparty for "Sylvania" art show

June 14, East Coast Aliens, Greenpoint with AAAA Locksmiths and Bail Bonds (Flaming Fire C+W band)March 1, Rubulad, Brookyn

April 10 and 16, Fumetto Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland: "Anti Matter Alma Mater". With Alvin Buenaventura, R. Bird, Tomas+ Fabienne Anthes in cast.



November 17, Old Man House, Bensonhurst, with Hickey & Sohn

October 6, Padlock Gallery, Philadelphia

July? Comic Con. Performance as "Teen Decay" with Marc Bell on cardboard drums, in full regalia.

April 18, Issue Project Room with Gary Panter + Devin Flynn, Amy Lockhart films. Scroll performance, Rebecca made a huge scroll pulling machine that malfunctioned. 1st show with Hiroshi Kimura.

January 27, Macalester College, St. Paul MN. Costume/scroll performance at Kramers Ergot show. Concluded with Prince cover song and scroll being pillaged by audience. With White Map



December 16, Union Pool with Flaming Fire, Dewanatron, Antonius Block, John Keen's Ragtime Explosion

October 6, 215 Literary Festival, Philadelphia (scroll performance with Frank Santoro as scroll manipulator)

July 29, Hammer Museum, L.A. "We Share A Happy Secret" show with CF play, Jerry Moriarty, and Tim Hensley lecture


December 2005- May 2008

Many performances as member of Soiled Mattress and the Springs



Performed as Furniture with Peter Schuette outside Southfirst Gallery at a lemonade stand, at a gallery opening, at the Superette fair, etc...



May 31, Southfirst Gallery - 1st performance as Ambergris- with slide projections and foamcore props of Pinocchio and Jonah


Various open mic, parties, and subway performances throughtout NYC