Weird Things, Toronto, May 2016
Weird Things, Toronto, January 2014
Fumetto Festival, Luzern Switzerland, April 2008

Mouse Maze: PS 35Q, Queens, NY (permanent installation, Public Art For Public Schools)
John Ashbery Collects: Loretta Howard Gallery, September 2013

2010 NYFA Fellowship in Fiction
2005 Mini-Comics Artist of the Year: The Comics Journal

Artist in residence, Thirty Days NY, New York, April 18-24, 2010

"The Laughing Dough" (with Elwyn Palmerton), Southfirst Gallery, Brooklyn NY, January 2012
“Anti Matter Alma Mater,” (with Rebecca Bird) Southfirst Gallery, Brooklyn NY, June 2008

"That's My Resume" Catalyst Gallery, Beacon NY, July 2014
"Freak Scene East", Space 1026, Philadelphia, April 2014
"Tip Top" Greenpoint Teminal Gallery, February 2014
"Draw Gym" 247365/ KnowmoreGames, September 2013
"The History Of" Good Press, Glasgow September 2013
"Pig Party" curated by Gina Beavers. New York City gallery, September 2012
"Waking Up in a Tutti Frutti Hat", Alternative Cafe, Monterrey CA, July 2012
"Fakes", Tomato House, June 2012
"Cat Show", Tomato House, May 2012
"Tide Pool", Sara Meltzer Gallery, December 2010
"Cheaper Show," Vancouver, B.C., June 2010
"The End is Like the Beginning" Cinders Gallery, December 2009
“Lab Door/Ozone Shelf”, Open Space, Baltimore, September 2009
“Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite,” Synchronicity Space, Los Angeles, August 2009
“Frederic Magazine”, Arts Factory, Espace Beaurepaire, Paris,March 2009
“Warren Oates in the Economic Crisis of 2008”, Okay Mountain, Austin TX, January 2009
“Polymathic Persons”, Synchronicity Space, Los Angeles, November 2008
“Goddess, Mouse, and Man”, 92YTribeca, New York, October 2008
“Kramers Ergot 7”, Sarjakuva Festival, Helsinki, August 2008
“Crocodile Tears”, Giant Robot New York, July 2008
“Male Odor Monsters”, Hope Gallery, Los Angeles CA, July 2008
“Sylvania,” 709 Penn Gallery, Pittsburgh PA, June 2008
“Move 16: Don’t Paint Your Teeth” Cinders, Brooklyn NY, May 2008
“At The Movies,” Giant Robot San Francisco, April 2008
“Macronauts” (an offsite project of the Athens Biennale), Leonidu 15, Athens Greece, September 2007
“Snack Isle” Giant Robot, New York, September 2007
“Drawn to the Edge,” Adam Baumgold Gallery, New York, March 2007
“Get Hurt” (curated by No Age) Tiny Creatures Gallery, Los Angeles, January 2007
“Kramers Ergot” Macalester College, St. Paul, MN January 2007
Southfirst Gallery, NADA Art Fair, Miami, December 2006
Adam Baumgold Gallery, Bridge Art Fair, Miami FL, December 2006
"Deluge", Bucheon Gallery, San Francisco, Summer 2006
"Survival of the Fittest", Harmony gallery, Los Angeles CA, March 2006
"Fine Line", Adam Baumgold Gallery, New York NY, Feb. 2006
“Kamen Rider Lives!” (Curated by Hanna Fushihara) Diepzout Gallery, Maastricht, the Netherlands, Jan. 2006
“The Ganzfeld Show”, Junc gallery, Los Angeles, September 2005
“In A Series”, Adam Baumgold Gallery, New York NY, June 2005
“Words in Pictures”, Adam Baumgold Gallery, New York NY, March 2005
“Sadie Hawkins Dance”, Southfirst Gallery, Brooklyn NY May 2004
“Beaver College”, The Mockbee, Cincinnatti OH, March 2004
“Works on Paper”, January 2004. Southfirst Gallery, Brooklyn NY
“New York Fucking City”, January 2003. Southfirst Gallery, Brooklyn NY.

Ambergris performance details here

"Mining the Moon", Brick Theater, June 2014
Petrella's Imports, May 17, 2014
Dixon Place, Jan. 31, 2014 (as Coincidental Hour)
Karma Books, Dec. 17, 2014
Storefront Ten Eyck, opening of "Spitball", March 2014
Greenwich House Music School, Feb. 14, 2013
A Gauche Louche, Zurcher Studio, October 26, 2012
The Projects, Portland OR, October 20, 2012 (scroll performance)
Southfirst Gallery, February 19, 2012 (with Brian Belott)
NADA Hudson (with Brian Belott), July 2011
Club Nutz, Salon 94, July 2011
Sara Meltzer Gallery, January 8 and 12, 2011, "Tide Pool" show
Light Industry, February 20, 2010, "Impossible Geometries" event
Southfirst Gallery, June 2008. Ambergris Performances during “Anti Matter Alma Mater” exhibition
Soiled Mattress and the Springs, musical performances 2006-2008
Issue Project Room, April 2007 (Picturebox event with Gary Panter/ Amy Lockhart videos)
Macalester College, St. Paul, MN January 2007
215 Literary Festival, Philadelphia, October 2006 (scroll performance)
Hammer Museum, Los Angeles CA, July 2006
The Armory Show, March 2006 "Landy Coloring Station", residency at Swiss Institute, with R. Bird.
American Fine Arts Gallery, New York NY, September 2000.“Eve of the Seance”, performance in “Coal by Any Other Name” exhibi,


Art Comic #3, Swimmers Group, Winter 2015
Art Comic #2, Swimmers Group, Summer 2015
Art Comic #1, Swimmers Group, November 2014
Handwriting Analysis #1, ASN, August 2014
INFOMANIACS, PictureBox, October 2013
The Song of Stagley Bypass (cassette) Potlatch, I Gather, November 2012
Are Snakes Necessary? Potlatch, I Gather, December 2011
1-800-MICE, Picturebox, October 2011
Ambergris: Snake Music (CD) May 2011
1-800-MICE #5, December 2010, Ambergris Books
Peter's House Music/ Dim Diamond split cassette, Potlatch, I Gather, May 2010
1-800-MICE #4, Ambergris books, March 2010
Kelp Stingray (with Marc Bell) February 2010
Le Sketch #9: Matthew Thurber, February 2010
The Inner You Tube, Ambergris books, December 2010
1-800-MICE (issue 3) Ambergris Books, September 2009
Megabat, Ambergris Books, March 2009
Sherlock Holmes and the Large Door (cassette), Potlatch, I Gather, January 2009
Anti Matter Alma Mater (cassette), Potlatch, I Gather, July 2008
Bicycle Fluids, (ed.) June 2008
1-800-MICE, (Issues 1-2) PictureBox. 2007
Ambergris: Extremitrees(CD) June 2007
Shastafarians of Lemuria, (with Eamon Espey) Mt. Olympus Society. October 2006
Major Domo 2: Out an Innertube, (With Eamon Espey) Mt. Olympus Society. June 2006
What Kind of Magic Spell to Use? Ambergris Books, June 2006
Hokus, Ambergris books, March 2006
Landy Coloring Book (with Rebecca Bird), published in conjunction with the Swiss Institute, March 2006
Carrot for Girls, Picturebox. September 2005
Mining the Moon Part Two, Ambergris Books, April 2005
Agnes and the Invisible Shiner, (with Eamon Espey) Mt. Olympus Society, September 2004
Ambergris: Paid in Foam (CD), September 2004
Ambergris Dietary Supplement, Ambergris Books. August 2004
The Flying Fox, Ambergris Books. July 2004
Otto, comic and drawing anthology, (co-editor) December 2003
The Fairly Thick Wrack, Ambergris Books. December 2003
Ambergris Digest, June 2003
Ambergris: The Oak (CD) March 2003
Mining the Moon, Ambergris Books. September 2002
Easter Special, (with Rebecca Bird) Ambergris Books. April 2002


Kramers Ergot 9, Fantagraphics Books, 2016
The Best American Comics 2015, ed. Jonathan Lethem
Museums Six, Good Press, Fall 2014
Insect Bath, Profanity Hill, February 2014
Sock #2, Crepuscular Archives, April 2012
The Land Line, January 2012
Sock #1, Crepuscular Archives, April 2011
Mould Map #1, Landfill Editions, December 2010
Kus! Music issue, July 2010
Nome, Profanity Hill, May 2010
The Believer, January 2010
Simpsons Treehouse of Horror #15, Bongo comics, October 2009
Taffy Hips #2, April 2009
Frederic Magazine #3, ed. Frederic Fleury, March 2009
Everything Elevator, pub. David Weir, January 2009
Illastrajiuns for Brain Police (collaborations with Marc Bell), November 2008
Kramers Ergot, issue 7, Gingko Press, November 2008
Yale Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Volume 2, October 2008
Typhon, June 2008
Maison Neuve, Fall 2007
Comics Comics Issues 1- 3, Picturebox
The Believer, June 2007
Article: Art and the Imaginative Promise, Issue 2, Spring 2007
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The Drama issue 8, Summer 2006
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Paper Rodeo issues 12, 14, 17, 18, 19
Front Page No.1, Dongery. Norway, February 2005
Blood Orange #1, Fantagraphics. May 2004
National Waste issue 3, November 2003, (Leif Goldberg ed.)
“Ben Katchor”. Yeti issue 2, Spring 2003